How to choose the best Traxxas RC truck?

It may not be easy selecting the right Traxxas remote control truck for you. If you browse through the internet, you will discover that there are so many manufacturers of Traxxas RC trucks and their different kinds of buggies, trucks and cars.

Each of these products is unique in their own ways. Thus, finding the best product for you might be an impossible task. This guide will definitely teach you how to select the best Traxxas RC truck.

Before you buy any Traxxas RC truck, it is necessary you know the Pros and Cons of all their types, so that you will get the one that will be good for you; this guide will help you to make the right decision.

Gas Power Vs Electric Power

There are different ways of powering RC trucks, some are powered with gas engine (no hybrids), some are powered electrically with a battery, some are powered with a mixture of oil and gas, and others are powered with nitro methane (glow fuel or nitro fuel). We shall look at gas powered and electric powered RCs in this guide.

Gas Powered RCs

Nitro fuels can be acquired from any RC hobby store online or offline outlets. Nitro-powered RCs give more power. One of the criticisms about them is that they are heavier.

Thus, they are likely going to break if crashed. Some users have complained that occasionally they experience gas spills or leaks. You really need to tune them up before using them.


  • More powerful, faster


  • Heavier, capacity to break when crashed
  • Require oil
  • Require special fuel
  • Need to be broke in, messier, and require tune up.

Electric Powered RC

Although they don’t have much power like gas powered RC vehicles, but they have the capacity to get off the line much faster than gas powered RCs. They come ready to use without any oil or gas. The only thing you need is to ensure the battery is fully charged. If the battery discharges, simply plug it, and allow it to rip.

Another awesome thing about it is that electric powered RC vehicles don’t make much noise, unlike the gas-powered RC cars, so your neighbors won’t be complaining that you are disturbing them. Some users have confirmed that they love the noisiness of gas-powered engines.


  • Quieter
  • No need to break in
  • Extremely cheaper
  • Easier to use, and maintain


  • Quieter
  • Tend to be slower, and
  • Less powerful

Traxxas is a popular brand, and its popularity is well earned. Over the years, they have produced some of the most accessible and durable RC trucks in history. One of the biggest reasons why you may have to buy Traxxas products is their near ubiquity in hobby stores. When you buy Traxxas truck, you will surely get a professional customer service and value for your money. Don’t forget to click.
Nitro RC trucks might require lots of prep time both before and after your run it, but it is a little easier and much more effective to use electric RC trucks. All you need is just to plug and play; if the batteries run down, you recharge them and keep using them. Charging time is between 1-2 hours.To get the right Traxxas RC trucks that suits your needs and budget, you really need to buy the one you can use and / or maintain with ease, because maintenance is the key factor.Maintenance

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